An invisible quantity, with visible consequences

Only visible once the actions take place.

Unless you have a keen eye, and see it before it happens

The signs.

Keep your eyes open brothers

It’s all around you.


It looks like a person who is angry, quiet, regressed

Knowing full and well he will remain under the radar

And nobody will be able to call him out.

All efforts to call it out early will result in backlashes, confusion, chaos

All planned out

To save his own ass.

And so the loop continues, this power struggle of ours

Under the radar, undercover, never to be found

Until the actions take place.

Each move planned to divert, distract, distraction

Look over there! There’s nothing going on over here.

Like sleight of hand, a magician in the sky

Sparks wonders and fairy dust over our very eyes.

Soon we are all goners, just standing in line

1, 2, 3, 4 after all just out the door.

Keep your eyes open, brothers.

Look deep within the people around you

How deep do their minds go?

If it is only skin deep

Certainly you can guarantee

Some depth will exist under the surface

And under the radar.

The question is this: Can you find it?

Will you find the buried treasure?

Will you find what it is that set the destruction into action?

A jenga piece of sorts, buried deep within a stack of treasured roots.

Distraction, emotion, it is all a ploy

Oh boy.

We are deceived again

To believe that we will ever find the joy

That is taken by the people around us

Day by day.

Every day

Right before your very eyes.

Keep your eyes open, brothers.


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