Gaining on Something

Gaining on Something

I wake up, alert,

Refreshed, rejuvenated

Silent air over a 4:30 black night, still.

I remember

My life. Is. For. Something.

A plan. A couple of plans. Several plans. Many Plans.


A flash of lightning in my mind as I remember the green, the $$$, the fight with the arm swing and the fist, to the sky

A lightbulb, brilliant, simple, effective.

First I will grab breakfast – a full course of eggs, sausage, biscuits and gravy, apple juice, waffles, and seconds from the lounge.

Access granted when your life is so blasted you forget to care about the normal things

Like whether or not that hot tub is “for me”

Or if breakfast should be free today.


When you live in your car, everything is free

That you can get your hands on.

At least within reason, within a couple of sentences to escape an awkward situation.

Of which there are none.

And so I digress.



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