Say It

Say It

At the very core, our country grabbed by the nuts

Knowing full and well that it’s going to continue

And continue this way until a certain depravity

Wreaks havoc on our poor nation

Certainly victims will be victims then.

We are one nuke away from a suicide mission

As worlds collide in a peace treaty

Gone awry.

Gritty teeth, a gritty look will be our country’s soul guidance,

And our leadership will fail as we fall through

To the unforgiving menace of the extremist creed.

Men, women, children, it doesn’t matter who we are

In the end

A bloody mess

A gust blows our dust right into the wind.

As God wreaks his havoc

On the perversions which have made their way into the life blood of our nation.

This vision, given to me by the one above

My brain says 2 and 2 is 4.

Once more

One day we will be heard

The voices of the readers

Readers of the landscape

The survey ahead.

We will be heard.

But a loud boom will be heard first

And a life of straight paths will have no rest.

It’s just as well.

We will leave our land behind

In a peaceful step aside

As the chaos wreaks havoc

On the land of the lost.

And I sit in joy with my family as I hope sincerely

That my boys made their way

Out of that cluster of mess.

I hope sincerely

My brothers will choose their leader wisely.

Surprise me

Make haste to give grace to your minds above.

To make love

In a peaceful way

And set those aside

Who get in the way.

Please keep your eyes open, brothers.


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