College Bar

College Bar

The bouncer looks at me with a raised eyebrow

Hands you back the plastic rainbow card of revolution

That you are, in fact, well above

The age of where you should be.

Should you be here? You should ask yourself

No… you walk straight in

Because youth will always have its days

Stamped in time by a change of guard

To lock in the beauty, the flavor,

Of the world unknown.

Deer everywhere, walking awkwardly a girl with high heels and a practice run

For a couple of inches to her stature

But a limp to her gait.

College beauties everywhere, blonde, brunette, asian, black, white

The redhead over there looking out of place.

That girl’s makeup is on thicker than a fog smoke in the Adironacks

She falls over herself, eyes only slightly rolled back in her head.

The awkwardness is weakness, and you like the weak

Because it makes your own insecurities so insignificantly pale.

Watch and watch, I watch them all

Learn the ins and outs of the way to live

An awkward look, look, looking

Looking somewhere for the way to adult

Adulting is hard, but life is short

So I’ll go to the college bar today

Because boobs are great

And the scenery is fine

And the tunes will go on all night, baby.

“I’ll grow up. It’s just a phase.”

You say to yourself, writing this poem

Looking at the words on the page

Knowing exceedingly well that you have no idea what your future entails,

But that in fact, it will be something that you cannot know,

Cannot predict

Cannot wait for what used to be to disappear

So I can mentally retard

In my own backyard

Of a world gained swiftly

For the things that once were, giving way to the things that will be

Can be once driven, will be what’s given

To my fat, hearty belly in the end.


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