Choo-Choo to Poverty Land

Choo Choo to Poverty Land

A whistling train breaks the lull of a carousel lullaby

8.50 an hour for a toothless smile

The old man-witch laughes into the night with a crack of thunder

Choo-choo to poverty land, this way she rides.

300 feet above the ground

towards a mountain top of neverland

Dreams wish to be halted immediately

At the widowed gates of poverty land.

But wait, there’s more! You’ll have so much to explore!

Behind the scenes an office bore

Like the ones before

Behind closed doors

Just a spirit of the ones like there’s more

More more more.

We will take more, more, more, and so

Gritty teeth with a cheeky grin

A grinch tale from the mountaintop of southern folklore

The tale lives on and on

As those who wish to crack the whip into a grease lightning firecracker

Will make haste to bring waste to our souls, our treasure, our worth of most value within

As we grin

Knowing all the way

We got outdone again.

We throw the sack on our back to bring taters to the table

And we do it all over again.


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