Dewdrop Clock

Dewdrop Clock

This is just one iteration of a million million million different versions of this life

Dimensions like clockwork, round the clock, zap to and from where you are to where you become

This version leads to this, and that version to there

Only somewhere magical once lands the trees and the forestry in a blue, murky lagoon.

Over whence way we have a sunlight, and fire, as the flames burn historic wooden house as the rescue, sirens wailing away into the bitter night

I miss you, she says, the cold frozen chessboard sits in front, between a familiar face of hopeless bitter snowflake

Bitter is better, as wood stirs through the night, smoking warm pipes of hot warm blankets on a December eve.

These stories we tell, they last on the bookshelf

Waiting patiently for the next person to see

What a bold misstep once made mistake

has churning into itself

Choose an adventure, choose wisely, choose the next step as you would a piece on a board

This puzzle locked clock of life we breathe

Rock solid, hard, foreign, unfamiliar miss honey and dew melon is telling the same story again, and again

And again.

Iteration number 5 please

Where are we? Adventure?

This place has aliens in it

Let’s get the fuck out of here


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