5:34 AM

5:34 AM

The stillness of boredom lurks in the air as dull loathing sets in.
Creaks in a porch floor along the back of my spine. A low sitting sensation in my forehead.
Finally, a yawn. Only a couple more of those to go, and sleep. A time. Some time. Will be here.

This is what school prepared me for. The dullness of real world living, the fact that we would be in a position which gave us nowhere to go.

School gave me the ability to cope with being somewhere where I’d be going nowhere. How ironic.

I wish I could have learned what I needed to learn, like how to get a job.
The amount of useless information we all got packed into our brains for 18 years….
The internet has everything you need to know. We would have abolished school long ago if
we had a reference for life readily available at our fingertips.

Finger prints. An FBI database, a long-ago dream, etc.

Church. I wish I could believe.

Jesus is the light. I have a hard time understanding what light is too.
Quantum physics isn’t much easier to swallow than religion.

I hope for grace, hope, peace, light in the future, glowing goodness in my soul, quenched by a river of flowing peaceful dreams, water to the heart and body, the mind set at rest by a resonance in a lumbar nerve plexus.

Will rescue be the brilliant horseback knight-viking we saw in movies

Perhaps rescue will be a couple of good days in a row.

I hope rescue will keep me sound asleep with the cars who will come through with their Monday clouds of smoke.


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